Hip Hop and Henny

Octavious Brown is a 17 year old soundcloud rapper from North Carolina. He just graduated high school, and is ready to go full force on his dreams. With the help of his ex weed dealer turned producer, Romeo, they work on songs in Octavious’ basement.

Romeo is Octavious' 23 year old producer. All he wants to do is chill and make beats. His side hustle is selling marijuana to minors for overcharged prices. He's pretty shady, but a really sweet guy nonetheless!

Cassandra is Octavious' younger sister. She's 14, runs a meme account, and keeps up with the shade room. She thinks Octavious and Romeo are losers who stink up the house. She has love for her brother, and her meme page is ultimately what gets them stardom...

Brotherly Love

These are a selection character contributions to my thesis group project, Brotherly Love. This is a story about two brothers, Rell and Reek, learning to deal with Reek's schizophrenia.



Pirate IP

In the voyage of the seven seas lies four adventurers, ready to conquer the New World. What new journeys await when they arrive in South America? Who will walk the plank?  

Bana Ya Kongo

These are sketches for a business pitch to help bring awareness to Coltan mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, via an animated film.


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